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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


During this time of healing, I just wish people would leave me alone.

I know people are concern etc - but this is not the way for me to heal. I don't need people fussing around me or show me that they care by asking questions. I just need to be alone. Loneliness doesn't kill me, I enjoy the me time and the time to think things through.

People are really annoying me now - with their pretentious act and attitude. Even stupid things , for example my 'friends' status updates on FB , I get annoyed for no reason. Usually I don't say anything but when it really annoys me I do. I don't understand the whole point of update status facility if it isn't really an update. (Nobody reads this blog anyway so don't really care if my entry make sense)

Why can't people just say what they mean? Isn't it more hard work trying to be clever with words and run amok around word manipulation? When it can be so simple to just say what they wanted to say? Like if you have a wonderful life - then just say it. If you have a lousy life - then just say it. If you hate/love somebody then just say it.

This post is becoming a complete nonsense - why should I even bother about what people put on their status updates? Gosh being off work is driving me nuts! I need to get back to work fast!


After my 2nd weekly visit to my GP, I headed to town to get some groceries. The sidewalks were slippery and I was cursing inside for wearing the wrong footwear. It was either turn back empty handed or risk falling down.

I decided to risk it. Got my groceries and treated myself to SATC 2 DVD. Yes peeps I haven't got round watching the movie.

I was completely transfixed. I am not a fan of the series , I have watch some episodes but not religiously. Anyway, in my personally opinion SATC 2 is not as good as SATC 1. Can't really put my finger on it but something just isn't right. Anyhoo it was a good way of killing my boredom. :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pretentious so and so

I am quite annoyed with a few people , no I do not hate them but I just wonder why do I bother mixing with them. One main reason is these people are in my life by defaults. Yes some of you may know what that means.

To avoid them means to upset my household prosperity. For sure this shouldn't be an issue if I could just tell him that I am not comfortable with them.  In a way I too have become pretentious, as I have to put on a 'smiley' face every time I have to meet them.

The main reason that annoys me is their 'I know what is best attitude'. Sure I dress differently (not provocatively but I just am different from them) and sure I don't shout out how pious I am (or not :)). Anyway, I am just so tired of them. One of my close friends , said to me 'what an unnecessary stress you have put yourself through'. I couldn't agree more with her.

I am also so tired of them judging me in everything I do. There was a lady who commented on the boots that I was wearing and blatantly said that I could afford those boots because I was working. WTH? She is working as well and earning a decent wage. (Obviously the bridge between us have been burnt down ages ago, pretending to be nice to each other for the sake of our other half). Am I not allowed to treat myself? If I do treat myself should she have the right to make me feel about it? I don't shop like a mad woman, I shop when there is a bargain/sale. I let out a sigh of dismay upon hearing this and wished so hard that I don't have to see her ever again. My only consolation that she lives 3 hours away so I don't have to deal with her on a daily basis.

Another incident is when I mentioned about festivities to this group of people , suddenly I am the 'bad' one for wishing to celebrate other festivities. Hypocrites! What is wrong in joining in with other festivities? That doesn't mean that suddenly it would thwart their/my faith? How weak are their soul that they have to limit themselves to living under a rock. I was beside myself with disappointment and disgust.

Another thing that gets me is they harp on non-compulsory activities when the main point is to do the compulsory activities. But these are the same people that are back bitching and stabbing each other. WTH??

I find it funny (not in a ha ha way) that a small group of people can't even get along , no wonder they can't be bothered with getting to know other races or lifestyle.

Learning is not limited to one genre, if anything learning should open your mind and if your own faith is strong enough it will withstand all temptations.

On my way home today, I was approached by a group of ladies -  they were preaching about their religion. I politely said no thank you but they didn't go away. So I thought to myself , well where is the harm in listening to what they have to say ( every religion teaches us to respect one another). Again may I reiterate the fact that I am not pious but I know myself in my heart where I stand. So I allowed them to go on, once they have finished what they have said , I thanked them for their time and walked away. Did they shake my faith? No they didn't. Did I feel good about myself? Yes because I wasn't rude and I respected them.

We all believe or don't believe in something or someone. But that doesn't give any one the right to be judgemental.

I am ashamed and saddened that I am associated with this group of people.

Friday, 19 November 2010


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Saturday, 14 August 2010

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